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Gina Gayle Gray, FREEDOM Coach

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Wholistic Services

Health and fully integrated well-being are created and maintained by nurturing our entire or Wholistic being.  We all have a physical body, and also--beyond the skin--an energetic one that includes an emotional body, a mental body, and our soul which are pure energy.

Each of these bodies deserves to be cared for and they are intimately interconnected.  Focusing on one or two while neglecting

another is never as effective as nurturing our entire being daily.  When people are guided toward their own inner resources using 

Wholistic modalities to balance and integrate their physical, emotional, and mental bodies Mind, Body & Soul FREEDOM is the result.

NLP Integrative Coaching & Counseling

Integrative Life Coaching & Counseling is an action-oriented transformative method used to empower people to make simple changes within their own minds.  Learning to do this leads to mental balance, clarity, and FREEDOM from a disruptive "monkey mind".  It is an effective way to shift from problem states of mind into resource states where the path to the future is well lit and forward movement can continue.

Transformational Life Coaching is grounded in unconditional positive regard for people and a firm belief in their ability to solve their own issues.  Gina sees a client as a whole person having their own positive inner resources, and guiding people toward those abilities is the intention set during each session.  The goal of Coaching is to help others create and apply motivational strategies, decision making skills, mindset shifts, self-awareness and outcome specifications (realistic goal setting) that work to produce movement toward desired changes and fulfilling purpose.  Gina guides and empowers clients to seek new awareness and behaviors by identifying and reframing any thinking processes that may not be serving their Highest Self.  The responsibility to change is on the client and Gina helps them find their own tools and holds them accountable.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of interventions intended to help improve self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and behavior.  "Neuro" is the physical, emotional, and mental components of our brain (mind).  "Linguistic" pertains to the language used, and more specifically, how we communicate with others and more importantly, how we communicate with ourselves.  "Programming" means perceiving the mind as an internal operating system, and from that viewpoint, looking into the way our past experiences, thoughts and emotions affect all areas of our lives.

The goals of NLP Coaching are to help people understand that the way we view the world affects how we operate in it, and that it is necessary to change thoughts and behavior patterns that have not supported the Highest Self in the past.  Gina believes that her clients have the answers to their own problems within themselves and her role is to help them draw out those answers.  It is a highly effective process for helping people understand their own minds, how they came to think and behave the way they do, and to learn to manage their moods and emotions so they can reprogram the way they process information.  This leads to mental and emotional FREEDOM.  

The Emotion Code Energy Balancing System

Every human being has a physical body and an energetic one that includes an emotional body, a mental body, and our soul.  These are all intimately inter-connected and meant to function harmoniously, which they do; however, the relationship is not always in balance.  Each emotion creates a unique vibrational frequency which is set into motion when evoked.  The moment an emotion is felt (positive or negative), the brain releases a specific molecule identified with that feeling, and it immediately begins flowing throughout the entire being entering every system.

Much of human suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become trapped within our energy bodies.  We carry around our emotional baggage in the form of trapped emotions.  A single trapped emotion can create physical, mental, and emotional problems.  Emotions haven't caused our suffering--NOT FEELING our emotions has!  The Emotion Code energy balancing system is a simple and powerful way to find and release these trapped energies which can result in astonishing and sudden improvements in physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  The side effect of true emotional transformation is FREEDOM and a return to our Highest Self where Love and Joy can be fully experienced.


Yoga is the artful science of uniting one's Mind, Body & Soul (our Self) and connecting spiritually with the universal source of all that is (Our Highest Self).  Practicing Yoga is proven to improve overall health and well-being for those who commit to a daily routine.  There is a rich and deep history associated with this practice and ancient Yogis lived longer with the absence of disease than others in cultures not incorporating Yoga into their daily lives.  Many people living today are staying "alive" more years, but are literally "living shorter and dying longer".  Living a Yogic life can change this completely.

The Yogic perspective of dynamic interconnectedness views all body structures in light of their relationship to the breath and the spine.  Our life force expresses itself through the movements of the body and the breath.  Yogic exercise can overhaul an entire being.  It is a complete system addressing all the needs of a person--physical and energetic.  The ancient wisdom of Yoga incorporates 5 principles:  proper exercise; proper breathing; relaxation; nutritious diet; and mindfulness.  Yoga teaches us to take responsibility for our own well-being by making time daily to step inside our Mind, Body & Soul to know what is needed to live fully in Balance and FREEDOM.


The ancient Yogic breathing practice known as Pranayama can bring a calm mind and steady, focused energy into our daily lives.  Pranayama emphasizes changing the way we breathe and when practiced, and ultimately mastered, it can be used to quiet the restless mind while nourishing our prana or stores of vital energy.  By consciously controlling the way we breathe, we can learn to concentrate, retain, and even direct this life-enhancing flow of prana within ourselves to heal and nourish our body.

Learning to use our breath and to breathe properly and deeply increases the flow of oxygen throughout our entire bodies and increases our vital energy.  This, in turn, empowers us to destroy disorders and diseases at their root before they can take hold in the physical body.  Awakening to the magic found within the breath can open us to limitless oceans of peace, contentment, healing, and vitality within.  The power of the breath, prana, and life force available and accessible within every living body is what connects us, gives us life, and allows us to fully embrace the human experience.  Pranayama, once mastered, can revolutionize the way we breathe, feel, and relate to the world, and the result can literally transform us as we learn to use the breath to create FREEDOM within our entire being.

Wholistic Nutrition

The importance of physical health and well-being is vital to our quality of life.  Our ability to be in balance, to be empowered, and to maintain strength and flexibility depends upon our willingness to practice self love. How we treat ourselves is how we treat those around us.  Caring for our physical bodies by eating a healthy diet daily is a vital component to living our Highest Self.  Food is medicine!  The benefits of wholistic nutrition have been proven to make us healthier which can be measured by the absence of disease at any age. The positive effects of consuming organic fresh foods, superfoods and super herbs daily are well documented.  Equally important is the intake of clean water with a pinch of sea salt throughout the day to keep the body properly hydrated and mineralized.

It is also important to regularly detox and cleanse the physical body and to remove foods that are toxic to the internal environment.  Eliminating processed foods, eating more fresh organic vegetables and fruits, limiting meats, grains and dairy products are great ways to improve your diet.  Respecting the interconnectedness of the entire being is empowering to the physical and energetic bodies.  This leads to FREEDOM of movement throughout our entire lifetime.     

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